Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part 3 – Natural Weight Loss in Women

Whether they’re busy professionals or busy moms, more and more women are finding that they are the ones in need of some extra care and attention. This week and next week I'll continue to discuss various approaches I use to help restore the health and wellbeing of women. 

In this post, Part 3 of my series on how I apply naturopathic medicine to approach women’s top concerns, I'll be addressing

Natural Weight Loss

Many women struggle with their weight.  This is why fad diets and quick fix scams abound.  Weight issues in women are frequently caused by inflammation, and removing foods that trigger inflammation is one of the most powerful ways to establish optimal weight. I have had patients lose between 20 and 60 pounds by simply finding and eliminating problem foods.  Working to balance hormone levels is also a way that I may go about using to help women return to a healthier weight.  Another approach is total body detoxification to remove heavy metals. Often the body holds onto fat where it stores toxins in order to protect itself from having the metals released into the bloodstream where they could do even more damage to the body. Our total body detox program uses colonics to clear and cleanse the lower intestinal tract in addition to chelation therapy to bind and pull heavy metals out of the cells. If these first line measures don't work and the weight problem persists, we will recommend our HCG program to help reset the metabolism.

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