Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hormones, Sexual Health and Loss of Energy in Women

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So many women burn their candle at both ends. Whether they’re busy professionals or busy moms, they may be finding that this time, they’re the ones needing some care and attention. Based on my experience with over a thousands of patients, here’s how I apply naturopathic medicine to approach women’s top concerns which include weight loss, low libido and sexual health, low energy, hormone balancing, pain management and aesthetics.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting about various approaches I use to help restore the health and wellbeing of women.

Part 1 – Hormones and Sexual Health and Loss of Energy in Women

Many women have gone to a GP for years without ever being asked about their sexual health status. Often it’s because conventional physicians themselves aren’t comfortable with this topic. Good sexual health is important to overall physical health and wellbeing so suffering from a loss of libido, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or other sexual health concern should be addressed.  In my clinic we do a thorough analysis to check for hormonal imbalance, adrenal exhaustion, inflammation in the body, or any psychological issues (naturopaths are also licensed in counseling since the mind is key to healing).

Loss of energy is an important but easily overlooked issue that can be one of the earliest signs that chronic degenerative disease is taking hold in the body. If we catch it early, we can often prevent disease from developing. Low energy is commonly caused by adrenal fatigue, which in turn causes weight, energy and blood sugar issues. I use doctor’s line nutraceuticals to repair the adrenals and support the body’s self-healing.  Stress management techniques may also be useful in reducing the high stress levels that aggravate hormonal problems.

In making recommendations regarding hormones my goal is to address the root of the problem first. I use a special blood test to analyze if certain food are triggering inflammation in the body and disrupting the hormone levels, too. As a naturopath, I can introduce homeopathic, herbal and other natural solutions to help support the body naturally. Depending on a person’s needs and lab findings, I can also recommend compounded bio-identical hormones customized to achieve a steady level of hormones in the amounts needed.

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  1. I've had severe headaches, since i started taking synthetic drugs to treat my hypothyroidism. Also things have been a bit hazy, i often struggle to remember what i was going to do and i often forget where i place my my things. But after switching to natural thyroid supplements , i can now thinks clearly and have an accurate memory.