Thursday, May 5, 2011

Part 4 - Looking Great Naturally

This is the final week of my series on women's health and my discussion of
 various approaches I use to help restore the health and wellbeing of women. 

In this post, Part 4 of my series on how I apply naturopathic medicine to approach women’s top concerns, I'll be addressing  

Looking Great Naturally

Women want to feel great and look great which is why the beauty industry is alive and flourishing. But not all beauty products and treatments are healthy for us to use or even effective.  At my clinic we want to focus on bringing you to your peak health so you glow on the outside and skin’s health is radiant. This, in and of itself, is the best beauty treatment you can give yourself-- glowing good health.  

Take care of your health first and you will find your beauty greatly restored already.  If you still feel your skin or face needs some special attention we also are open to the use of natural medicinals to help eliminate wrinkles. One of our most popular treatments is The Italian Biolift, which uses homeopathic injections to improve skin tone and elasticity and build collagen. The results are amazing, giving the entire face and neck a lift. It’s particularly effective for the neck, a difficult area for many women. We’ve had amazing results and there’s nothing else out there short of surgery, which many women don’t want.

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