Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love those Lovely Legs

In these cost-cutting times, many things can be deemed unnecessary. But surely not strong, beautiful legs. For many of us, legs are our most visible feature – the exclamation marks to every outfit. Properly cared for, legs can go and go from an attractiveness perspective, give and give from a functional standpoint.  As former gymnast and dancer, I understand the allure of a great pair of “gams.” Therefore I have a unique approach to perfecting legs that uses naturopathic treatments to mobilize the body’s own repair and “beautifying” mechanisms. The results are legs that not only look beautiful but also function without pain. As a naturopathic medical doctor, I have a foot in both worlds – conventional medicine and alternative, or naturopathic, medicine. Every client has different needs when it comes to leg health. We focus on proven, effective therapies that work with the body to reduce cellulite and fat or bring relief from joint pain. Our goal is functional beauty that lasts.

There are a plethora of natural therapies for everything from spot-fat removal (mesotherapy), cellulite reduction, to sclerotherapy (vein removal), and Regenerative Injection Therapies to relieve joint pain and improve mobility. Naturopathic Medicine takes a comprehensive view of your body and then customizes a program specific to the patient. If you have swelling of ankles or varicose veins, it may be due to slowing circulation, which would be considered in our aesthetic plan so the problem doesn’t recur.  Natural leg aesthetic approaches include:

Mesotherapy:  This is a popular and effective technique for spot-fat reduction around the tummy, arms, hips and buttocks and the inside of knees. It involves injecting a fat-dissolving homeopathic substance into the trouble spot to liquefy fat and tighten skin. Unlike most aesthetic clinics that still use phosphatidylcholine injections, however, I prefer homeopathic injections, which are reaction-free. Mesotherapy can be augmented with cold laser therapy for optimal results.

Custom Fitness and Weight Loss: Mesotherapy may not be indicated for people who are 30 or more pounds overweight. In those cases, the focus begins with customizing a weight loss and fitness program that increases metabolism to achieve the ideal weight. To support a client’s aesthetic goals, medically supervised HCG therapy can be implemented using a unique European protocol for better weight loss results. In addition, a medically supervised personalized training program may be recommended. I work with highly trained fitness experts who have at minimum four years of kinesiology.

Cellulite Reduction: Though it can’t be eliminated completely, a combination of homeopathic injections from Italy and cold laser therapy to smooth and tighten the skin can be highly effective.

Remove Varicose and Spider Veins: These are treated with nutraceuticals to improve overall vascular health and/or sclerotherapy (saline injections). 

Joint Pain and Inflammation: Studies are showing Cortisone shots may damage tissue. I recommend leading-edge Regenerative Injection Techniques, such as Platelet Therapy. Platelet Therapy involves healing and strengthening tendons and ligaments by powerfully concentrating the body’s growth factors. Results are excellent. Other therapies available include homeopathic (eg, Traumeel) and Prolotherapy (dextrose) injections. In cases where the joint pain is due to inflammation, such as arthritis, food allergy testing is utilized to eliminate foods that increase inflammation.

Brittle Bones (Osteopenia, Osteoporosis): Bone health can be compromised by hormone loss in women and in men, by drugs such as proton-pump inhibitors, which interfere with bone mineralization. In addition to medically-supervised fitness programs that target bone health, comprehensive mineral status analysis and customized hormone panels should be considered.  

Please see for a descriptive list of therapies with detailed information.  

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