Friday, October 21, 2011

Do Your Supplements Measure Up?

Supplements are a $20 billion industry. But what are we getting for our money? Many products sold by the supplement industry haven’t been widely studied. Others are ineffective because they contain the wrong form of active ingredient, no active ingredient, or they’re poorly absorbed. 

Does your supplement check out?  Below is a list of things you should consider when choosing supplements:

* Does the company perform independent lab assays on the raw materials and on clinical trials?

*  Does your supplement company manufacture in an ISO9001 and cGMP facility?

*  Are your supplements Kosher Certified?

* Are your supplements in Vegetarian capsules?

*  Are they packaged in glass?

*  Does your supplement company use GRAS (generally regarded as safe), certified herbs?

*  Does your supplement company employ a vendor contract?

*  Does your supplement company operate in an air conditioned facility?

*  Does your supplement company video tape all aspects of its production?

Don’t waste your money on “garbage” supplements.  Be your own health watchdog and research supplements before you buy.  If the ones you are already taking don't pass the test it's time to start looking for better options. 

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