Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Italian BioLift - Part 1

I often get inquires from women, and even men, who want to know about natural cosmetic procedures that really work. They don’t want the cost or risk of surgery (to say nothing of the “pulled” look). Or, they’re tired of the Botox routine—a good thing since new animal studies show the Botulin toxin circulates through the body and liver and may pass into the brain. They’re determined to find something safe, non-invasive, and effective.

For these clients, I always recommend The Italian BioLift for the face and/or neck. Results have been outstanding especially for smoothing and repairing crepe-like, wrinkled, saggy necks. It’s been a beauty boon to people who have done a great job of keeping their faces rejuvenated but not their neck areas.

The Italian BioLift is so called because central to the technique is a unique natural medicine developed by the Italian company, GUNA. GUNA provides thoroughly researched, highly effective homeopathic medicines that keep them on the forefront of integrative medicine. I was one of the first U.S. doctors to train in Italy under the GUNA Method and now teach the approach to other doctors.

The Italian BioLift involves a series of relatively painless, shallow injections directly into the face and neck areas. The natural medicine that is injected includes a dilution of medicines, vitamins, minerals, collagen, and herbals. In combination these ingredients help improve the texture, tone, and tightness of the face and neck skin by boosting collagen production. It’s especially effective at eliminating fine wrinkles and “turkey neck.” 

Next week I'll talk about how the BioLift works.

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