Thursday, August 4, 2011

EnergyAesthetics: A unique Approach to Skin Care Rejuvenation, Part 2

“The face tells a story about your body,” says Deborah. “So it’s important to take the whole person into consideration. People love this approach because it makes sense to them. They come in for their face, and then when they experience the connection between health and beauty, they are committed to caring for their body.” Often this is the first experience people have of the powerful connection between the state of the body and the beauty of the face, she adds. When they experience the opening up of energy channels in the body through acupressure, the effects on the face are magical.

EnergyAesthetic services begin with a face and body assessment to identify any physical or energy changes in the body. Our aestheticians are trained to look for energetic shifts that may be affecting the skin color, rate of aging, degree of wrinkling, and general tone. In some cases, there may be deeper health issues that need attending. For instance, aging can be accelerated by hormonal changes before or around menopause. That’s where I come in, as a medical consultation for hormone balancing and harmonizing may be recommended. Especially important is the function and health of your digestive system.  Many people have no idea that their face reflects how well their GI tract is working.

Worden Medical Specialties conducts clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of new modalities and products. We want to be sure our aesthetic services deliver beautiful results. We offer natural skin care products including a 100% organic skin care line that is free of all perfumes, chemicals, preservatives and coloring. For clients interested in a natural, highly effective alternative to chemical peels, we also offer organic mini-peels that use essential oils to gently exfoliate. 

EnergyAesthetics modalities may include therapeutic light and color puncture targeted at acupuncture points. Facial acupuncture works well for training the mucles to contract to a normal state so laxicity of the skin is improved We also use gem therapy with micro-current, and reflexology to create energy flow in the body and face. Additionally, I offer European homeopathic injections in combination with cold laser for wrinkles  and spot fat reduction.  As an international lecturer on both therapies, which are both proven to increase collagen production, I have seen dramatically beautiful results, especially for the skin on the neck area as well as facial rejuvenation. 

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