Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving Through Stress with Laughter - Monthly FREE Seminar

If you live in or near the Phoenix area or are planning to be in the area over the weekend, be sure to take advantage of this FREE Seminar.

Moving Through Stress With Laughter

Date: July 9, 2011
Time: 10 AM - 12 PM
Location: Mesa Clinic, 6638 E Baseline Rd # 101 Mesa, AZ 85206
Ph Number: 480-588-2233

RSVP Now . . .  Space is Limited 

Dr. Donese Worden, NMD

Please join us for a very fun and educational seminar.  June Cline, CSP is a patient of mine and a dear friend.  June believes in Naturopathic Medicine and has donated her time to come and be with us.  I will be lecturing on the brain chemistry of stress and how we can balance it with nutrition.  June will be educating us on how to use laughter to lighten our day. 

Ever feel as if chaos, change, stress or just plain ole' crazy has taken up residency in your world?  Are you ready to "lighten up, have fun and play more in both your professional and personal life?"  If you are ready to change not only your brain chemistry but also that of others, the good old fashion and natural way, Author, Speaker and Coach, June Cline, can show you how.  June will help us get to the heart of the matter by learning how to connect with others by managing our thoughts and our sense of humor.  "It's our foibles that make us fabulous," June says.  Through our every day experiences and actions we can create laughter which builds resiliency for us and the trust of others.  "It's the secret sauce of everything," according to June.  Boost your mental health, your leadership style, even customer service skills by being the instigator of laughter.  June believes laughter = hope, and hope = power. Ignite your own personal power by giving the gift of laughter.

June Cline, CSP
June Cline, CSP, and Author of "Is It God or Is It Gas?  Intuition vs. Indigestion," is an Inspirational Humorist, Trainer and Intentional Creation Career Coach.  With a book title like that, obviously, she doesn't take herself too seriously but she is real serious about humor and laughter.  In her Southern, sassy and savvy style, June helps people, teams and companies create concrete results by making deeper connections. Her fun career coaching helps people intentionally meet their personal and professional goals and expectations.   

June is an active member of several professional organizations.  She is on the Board of Directors of the National Speaker Association, Arizona Chapter and on the Editorial team of the National Speakers Association. 
 As a gift from June, go ahead and "poke around" as she says, on her site at  Feel free to take the free Intentional Creation Assessment by clicking on that button on the right of the page.   Discover your thoughts that are supporting or sabotaging your success. 

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