Thursday, July 21, 2011

EnergyAesthetics: A unique Approach to Skin Care Rejuvenation, Part 1

At Worden Medical Specialties, we can’t stop the rocket of time, but we can sure slow it down or minimize its effects.  When it comes to skincare, in particular, we have pioneered a unique approach to natural skin rejuvenation and care called EnergyAesthetics.

EnergyAesthetics starts with an understanding that the state of your internal body’sl health is reflected in the quality and condition of your face. This idea is derived from an ancient Chinese principle that describes the body’s many energy channels (or meridians) as being like the roots of a tree and the face as being like the leaves. If you restore the roots, the leaves are rejuvenated, and the plant becomes vibrant once again.

All too often, however, skin care services are approached “superficially” and the effects do not endure. Also, many service providers use overly aggressive chemical peels that may produce dramatic results but also irreversibly destroy the outer layer of the skin. Over time, with repeated chemical peels, dermabrasions and hot lasers, the skin may become thinner and thinner resulting in a bluish-gray discoloration, and ultimately, deeper wrinkles.

As a naturopathic medical physician, I am licensed in both systems of medicine, conventional and alternative (or naturopathic). That means I have a foot in both worlds. I approach aesthetics by looking at the whole body and face, both inside and out. My goal is to get to the root of your problem and then mobilize the body’s own healing powers with proven natural modalities that are reflected in skin care health that endures gorgeously and healthily. 

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