Thursday, June 23, 2011

The HCG Diet - What you need to know, Part 4

The HCG Diet is being touted as one of the best ways to lose weight and reset the body's weight to a healthier level.  In this series I will talk about what hCG is and how it works.  This week we'll be talking about how to maximize weight loss on the hCG diet.

Maximizing Healthy Weight Loss

In order that my patients receive the most optimal and lasting results possible, I consult with each individual and address all health/lifestyle factors that contributed to weight struggles in the first place.  At my clinic, I implement what I call “Phase One” which addresses food journaling, supplementation such asomega 3 fish oil,  branched chain amino acids and colon cleansing to detoxify. I seek to eliminate factors such as potential food allergies and environmental toxins (i.e. heavy metals) as a contributor to weight gain prior to introducing the hCG diet. I also make sure the gastro-instenstinal system is optimally working so the body can handle the fat it is about to reslease.  My patients experience weight loss during this lifestyle modification process, and when a plateau occurs hCG is begun again to spur further healthy weight loss.  If patients are not losing during the hCG diet, I am then confident there is some underlying health issue that must be addressed.

In conclusion, the hCG diet offers an amazing array of health benefits.  yo-yo dieting (which can be far more detrimental than overweight),can be put to an end with this program.   Dieters typically experience a weight loss of on average, 20-25lbs while reshaping the body, improving blood sugar, decreasing blood pressure and arthritic pain, stabilizing thyroid hormones– just to name a few benefits … Weight loss should not be regained as long as the dieter continues their healthy lifestyle.  My patients continue to see overwhelming success on the program with rare minor side effects.  

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