Thursday, June 16, 2011

The HCG Diet - What you need to know, Part 3

The HCG Diet is being touted as one of the best ways to lose weight and reset the body's weight to a healthier level.  In this series I will talk about what hCG is and how it works.  This week we'll be looking why correct monitoring is so important.

Use Caution With hCG
Professional monitoring is essential.

It should be known that hCG is a prescription drug that MUST be dispensed and monitored by a licensed physician or practitioner. In addition, hCG varies in quality and purity, therefore, I acquire my supply from a very reputable compounding pharmacy.  Because the hormone is collected from the urine of pregnant women, it is imperative that safety measures are in place to prevent contamination and risk.  It must also be said that the FDA does not approve of hCG for weight loss.  However, when I looked carefully at the studies, I could find no long-lasting negative side-effects.  We do not have a long-term double-blind placebo controlled study however, 50 years of clinical evidence and use of hCG for other problems show no known risks (that I can find to date).  There are some contraindications and some patients that will have to be monitored very closely due to certain health conditions, so dieters must do their research and choose a physician carefully.

*Next week I'll talk about maximizing healthy weight loss with the hCG diet.  

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